IDrive: We're The Biggest Cloud Service In LA You've Never Heard Of

Los Angeles-based IDrive has a bold claim: it's the biggest cloud service provider in Los Angeles. Why? The online cloud storage service provider says it now has 35 petabytes worth of user data stored on its service, an online backup and synchronization service aimed at the personal and small business market. IDrive--which is run by Pro Softnet--said that it has just passed 2 million, online user accounts, and has backed up around 400 million smartphone contact records for its customers. IDrive says that it is in the midst of growing its service, plus bolstering its efforts to improve its service to challenge such growing cloud providers as Dropbox.

As part of that ramping of its efforts, the company said Friday that is expanding its hiring efforts in Los Angeles--with such positions as software development, marketing and business development, and other titles--as it looks to continue to grow out its staff. The company said it increased its staff by a third last year. IDrive runs its own data center and maintains its own hardware--which, according to CEO Raghu Kulkarni, allows the company to offer much better performance and pricing than the tide of cloud backup companies who have been riding off the cloud storage services from such services as Amazon S3.