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inLA Looks To Galvanize Los Angeles Entrepreneurs, Investors

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) said Tuesday that it has launched a new effort to help galvanize and promote the technology and "innovation economy" in Los Angeles, called inLA. According to the LAEDC, the new non-profit organization includes leaders of technology companies, venture capital firms, serial entrepreneurs, major universities and growth-focused professional services firms, aimed at promoting Los Angeles County as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. The group says it hopes to help spur company and job creation in the innovation economy here in Los Angeles. The new group is a part of an effort that has grown out of the Council on Innovation and Industry (LAMCII)--created back in 2012 by then-major Antonio Villaraigosa. The new group is being co-chaired by David Hernand (Cooley LLP) and Zack Zalon (Wilshire Axon).





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