Insights: Attracting Tech Talent to SoCal: It's Not as Hard as You Think

Story by Eric Larson


Think it's tough to attract talent from the Bay Area to Southern California? For our Insights and Opinions section, executive recruiter Eric Larson gives some hints on tips on how he attracts candidates to relocate here to Southern California.

The greater Los Angeles area is on a phenomenal roll in terms of movement in the tech space. We're seeing more and more public offerings; exciting activity in the music, media and entertainment space; an expanding pool of tech talent; and, more recently, several high caliber acquisitions and financing rounds, all of which will really help the whole ecosystem grow. Given all that, it's not as tough as you might think to get Bay Area based tech talent to make the move down south--and get them to stay here. In fact, I've observed a 100-percent retention rate for all of the placements who have relocated over the past couple of years. Here's how to get them in the door:

Start with a comparable salary

It doesn't matter if the cost of living in Southern California is less than the Bay Area; a top quality candidate is going to want to see a comp package (More...)

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