Insights: Evolve and Thrive or DIE

For today's Insights and Opinions section, where we feature advice, editorials, and more from Southern California's high tech leaders, comes from Sid Mohasseb, a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, adviser, teacher, speaker, and author of The Caterpillar's Edge: Don't Leave Change to Chance! In Business & In Life, Gain the Edge and Beat the Odds. Sid says you must Evolve and Thrive or DIE.

The competitive world is moving faster than ever. Innovation is attacking from every corner. Expectations are constantly changing. All competitive advantages are temporary. Today, success is not about how much money you have raised, how well you can execute against a plan or how creative your solutions were yesterday. To win, you must stay relevant, always. Ask yourself: Are you evolving fast enough? Are you innovating ahead of the curve? Are you mapping your capabilities to tomorrow? Are you staying relevant?

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