Insights: Making Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization Work

Story by Ivan Nikkhoo


For today's Insights and Opinions section, we're sharing an article on how to make technology transfer and IP commercialization work, from Siemer and Associates and Siemer Ventures' Ivan Nikkhoo.

Over the years, universities, government agencies, hospitals and alike have developed massive amounts of IP aimed research, defense, medicine, among other areas, without specifically targeting commercial purposes. Over time, some of this IP has made it to market helping create new products and industries. Many of the technologies and innovations we take granted today came from such research. And many more should.

There has been a trend over the past several years to proactively commercialize, monetize, and otherwise create companies using this IP. Results have been mixed. The policy of most such institutions ensures that the ideas, discoveries, and technologies arising from such research are used in the best interest of that institution. And that is short-term thinking...How do we mitigate risk, and ensure a successful, sustainable model for commercializing such IP? (Continued...)

Read Ivan's article, Making Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization Work.