Insights: Amidst Change is a Constant: Life is Still Two-Way

For today's Insights and Opinions section, we share an essay from Sally Falkow, founder and president of Meritus Media, a digital public relations and social media agency based in the Los Angeles-area.

Social media. Wherever you go, you see and hear about it.

But it was not that way 20 years ago. In fact, 20 years ago, it did not even exist. If you were transported back two decades to 1994 and described today’s world to a group of people, they would have said that you were crazy.

Who could have imagined a technology available on various platforms that enables people to engage online with others about products, services, programs, and issues of mutual interest and concern? (More...)

Read the rest of Sally's article, Social Media: Amidst Change is a Constant: Life is Still Two-Way.

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