Insights and Opinions: 13 Tips For Tech Startup Founders

Story by Sean Callahan


For our Insights and Opinions section today, Sean Callahan--who co-founded Plixi, and is now working on SlimSurveys--gives thirteen tips for tech startup founders. Sean is also author of Startup Field Guide, Mistakes To Avoid, Tips to Get Ahead, documenting what he's learned over his time in the startup world.

Building a successful tech startup in Southern California isn't easy, but it's sure a beautiful place to start your next venture. The region has it's own set of challenges because it lacks the investment dollars and talent pool you'll find in the Bay Area. However, it has a growing, supportive and vibrant startup community which is quite exciting. I'm always meeting founders developing new products, technologies or getting ready to launch a company whether it's at the San Diego Tech Founders or San Diego Tech Coffee meet ups. These events are great places to meet the people behind tomorrow's next breakthrough companies.

I've had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of founders from around the globe over the last five years. They talk about many of the same challenges and pitfalls founders face here in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles beyond the regional issues. (More...)

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