Insights and Opinions: A VC's Comments On Investing and Startups in LA

Earlier this week in our Insights and Opinions section, we had a post from Ryan Born, on 3 Things to Avoid When Fundraising in LA. That post ignited a firestorm of criticism and controversy among the technology community, both publicly and privately in emails, tweets, comments, and phone calls. Yesterday, Tom Tierney of the Tech Coast Angels responded with his own thoughts on the subject, and today, we have a few comments from Jim Armstrong, Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners.

OK, despite the obviously purposeful edgy tone, good post. And while I generally agree and give similar advice, here are three anecdotes or truths about SoCal investing and startups that contradict.....

1. On associates. One of my investments doing GREAT (and I mean GREAT) is SupplyFrame in Pasadena. I remember the day Clearstone associate Jaideep Singh came into my office and said "Dude, you got to meet these guys and you got to invest." They were pitching in the other room and I ran right in (More..)

Read the rest of Jim's response and comments on investing and startups in LA.