Insights and Opinions: Come On, Man! What Is Your Business?

Has starting a business without any kind of business model become trendy again? And what does that mean? For our Insights and Opinions section today, Jeff Solomon, co-founder of Los Angeles leads software firm Leads360, explores in Come On, Man! What Is Your Business?

I'm a pretty firm believer in developing a business model as soon as possible when starting a company. When I say business model, I essentially mean, how you intend on making money. Before the late 1990's the idea of starting a business that was simply "cool" or "fun" was not even in the lexicon of any business professional worth his or her salt. That all changed when the internet came along and pretty much anything with a ".com" in the name counted as a business model. Of course that backfired.

There seems to be a trend of "cool" businesses with little or no thought of a business model emerging once again. There is talk of a bubble, or in some circles, certainty about it. But that's not exactly what I want to talk about. (More...)

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