Insights and Opinions: Every Day I Try and Get Rejected

Story by Ryan Born


For our Insights and Opinions section today, Ryan Born, entrepreneur and CEO of AudioMicro, talks about why he tries every day to get rejected:

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. You get rejected a lot. Whether it's trying to chase down a new customer, pitching investors, recruiting new content providers, sending cold emails / cold calls to partners, journalists, and colleagues, there are just so many times when you'll be rejected. Rejection itself can take many forms...

It's certainly common to take a rejection as an indication of failure, and it's the fear of failure that serves one of the primary reasons that people shun away from starting a business, engaging in a new relationship, or otherwise "hanging out their shingle". It's this exact fear of failure that so that often prevents good people from being entrepreneurial. They're afraid of the daily moments of rejection that come along with creating something new and / or working for oneself.

To make it as an entrepreneur, YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO EMBRACE REJECTION.

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