Insights and Opinions: How I Got Investors to Write Checks this Year

Story by Wil Schroter


For our Insights and Opinions section today, we have an article from Wil Schroter, CEO and founder of Santa Monica-based Affordit ( Wil also founded Go Big Network, an online community for entrepreneurs. He recently landed a round of funding, and shares his experience here:

Before you start bitching about investors not writing checks in this economy let me just say this bullshit.

I just finished our capital raise for our new company, and can tell you first hand that I've never seen more people eager to write checks.

Does that mean it's raining cash like a Fat Joe video? No.

But it does mean that the capital markets are alive and well and you shouldn't be afraid of them.

So let's get right to it -- what are investors buying?

Read Wil's full article about finding funding this year.


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