Insights and Opinions: How We Raised Our First $100K

Story by Miron Lulic


Think fundraising for your startup is easy? Think you just pitch investors, and get a check? Think again. Miron Lulic, one of the co-founders of Swagsy learned all about the difficulties of getting angels and investors to invest in your firm, and shares his experience and advice here on our Insights and Opinions section.

I think a lot of would be entrepreneurs have a glorified view of venture capital fundraising. That you come up with a great idea and somehow go into a meeting, pitch, and get a check. It may have very well happened like that at the peak of the dot com boom, but based on our experience, probably very seldom happens like that now.

Fundraising is a pain in the ass for entrepreneurs. It takes a ton of time and is a huge distraction.

We've been working on Swagsy for over a (Continued...)

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