Insights and Opinions: Introductions are a privilege not a right

Story by Megan Lisa Jones


For today's Insights and Opinions section, investment banker Megan Jones talks about how to best ask and use an introduction.

This topic is a touchy one with me so I'll tread lightly and just list my rules with minimal commentary. The title, in my opinion, speaks for itself.

12 rules for introductions

1. Both parties need to benefit from the introduction. Occasional exceptions can be made for my children, clients, friends and those that have proven their loyalty. Know and explain why the introduction makes sense.

2. If I make an introduction, follow up respectfully and professionally. I once agreed to talk to a company ounder (an unwanted introduction on my end) who needed money and then stood me up for two phone calls. Then she wanted me to help her and make other introductions (as someone who is rude and irresponsible?). Impressions count for a lot.

3. When I tell you that making too many introduction to a certain in demand person will impact my relationship with that person so the introduction (More...)

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