Insights and Opinions: Learning from Sony's Mega-Mistakes

Heading out into the weekend, we though we'd publish one more, Insights and Opinions article. Anyone paying attention to the computer security world in the last month is no doubt aware of the catastrophic hacking attack on Sony Online Entertainment and other Sony properties, which has taken the service offline for more than a month. Sony reported this week that the hack cost the firm more than even the Japanese tsunami and earthquake. Phillip Lieberman, the president and founder of Lieberman Software, talks about Sony's Mega Mistakes.

Taking a baseball bat to a hornet's nest is never an advisable strategy. Sony's strategy in defending its intellectual property was heavy handed and has triggered the "nuclear option" with those that it engaged. Perhaps Sony could learn a few lessons from Microsoft in how it has handled XBOX 360 and Kinect intellectual property.

Since the case came to light earlier this month, several new issues have emerged:

1) Sony is "expecting" to bring its network back at the end of May (more than 30 days of outage due to security issues).

2) It's still not clear as to whether the records have been used for financial gain, or whether this was designed to teach Sony and their lawyers a lesson in proportionate responses. (More...)

Read Phil's article, Sony's Mega Mistakes.





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