Insights and Opinions: Long To-Do List? Make a Not-Right-Now List

In our Insights and Opinions section, we feature opinions, advice, and more from notable people in the local technology industry. Today, we have a piece from Frank Addante, serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Rubicon Project, the Los Angeles advertising technology developer.

In today's digital age, it's hard to focus. But the Not-Right-Now list can help you get things done

Most people operate with To-Do lists. If you're like me, it seems as though that To-Do list never ends and you never check everything off of it. It's so easy to add new things to the To-Do list. For those who use their email box as a To-Do list, it can be even worse. Our email inboxes have become an "open" list in which anyone in the world can add something to it at any time.

In today's digital age, I have found that a Not-Right-Now list is just as important as a To-Do list. In fact, I'd say you should not have a To-Do list without a Not-Right-Now list. What's a Not-Right-Now list? (More...)

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