Insights and Opinions: Man's search for meaning(ful work).

Story by Megan Lisa Jones


Today's contribution to our Insights and Opinions section, where we feature the thoughts and opinions of Southern California's technology community, is from Megan Lisa Jones, an investment banker and author. Jones talks about how companies can attract, keep, and engage employees, and what people are looking for in a job.

I've been reading the unemployment stats again. 35% plus percent of millennials unemployed, ten percent chance of getting a job if you've been out of work over 26 weeks, unemployment still hovers at (officially) well over nine percent.

And I'm still hearing that hiring and keeping good people is hard.

In Reality Is Broken author and game designer Jane McGonigal says, "Compared with games, reality isn't productive. Games give us clearer missions and more satisfying, hands on work".

Most people I know want to work; many love their job (or loved past jobs). What is meaningful work in our world of current realities of layoffs, mass unemployment, changing work place realities and the global challenges of industrialization (for those of us not working at Facebook)? (More...)

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