Insights and Opinions: Managing Disgruntled Employees

Story by Jack K.N. Tsai


For today's Insights and Opinions section, we have an article from Jack K.N. Tsai, an investor and serial entrepreneur, who talks about one of the dreaded facts of life running a company: managing disgruntled employees. Tsai is also a guest lecturer at California State University Fullerton Mihaylo School of Business, where he teaches business finance as well as strategies for launching a business.

Disgruntled employees are something that us entrepreneurs have to deal with, more than we like. While we know every entrepreneur has to deal with it, the only time they make the headlines is the extreme situations. You know.guns, rampage, cars crashing through walls, that type of insanity. Thankfully, that is the vast minority of disgruntled-employee situations. And there is good news: you can tackle theses situation even before it escalates to even a minor situation-think public outburst or similar.

The problem with disgruntled employees is that they can pose a risk to your company. In addition to providing poor service, thus turning customers off, they may also create a negative working environment, creating stress within the company. Some disgruntled employees may purposely set out to cause whatever harm they can to the company, from spreading rumors to stealing money and equipment. (More...)

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