Insights and Opinions: Raising Money For Your Business

For today's Insights and Opinions piece, we have an article from Dave Berkus, an angel investor and blogger at Berkonomics, who gives a good summary and rundown of the various different places you can raise money for your business.

This post will be perhaps a bit longer than usual, but certainly of great interest for those with interest in or have need for more capitalů

This stage is critical to many businesses and a passing option to others, depending upon the capital efficiency of the enterprise. Some businesses require very little capital and the founder is able to self-finance the enterprise and retain 100% of its ownership and control from ignition through liquidity event (startup through sale). For you who fit that description, nice work. For the rest of us desiring to build large, valuable enterprises quickly, the need for outside capital is high on our list of requirements and even the source for some sleepless nights as we worry over the availability and cost of capital. It is for this group that we explore the implications implicit in raising money for growth.

Before we explore the next insight, it might be useful to list some of the ways in which you can raise money for growth with and without outside investors. Continued...

Read the rest of Dave's article on Raising Money For Your Business. Are you a part of Southern California's high tech economy, and do you have some knowledge and expertise you'd like to share? Let us know!


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