Insights and Opinions: Turbo-charging your CTO

Story by John Shiple


What are some of the key steps that CEOs ought to do to communicate with their CTOs? For our Insights and Opinions section today, we share an article by John Shiple, who provides technology consulting to CEOs, helps outline some of the key things startup (and other) CEOs ought to know in dealing with their CTO.

Start at the top with the CEO and CTO. To improve communication between these two leaders, CEOs should address the following issues:

  • Clarify your expectations of your CTO.
  • Learn how you can best support your CTO.
  • Implement measures to improve the CTO's teams' goals.
  • Have a plan in place to handle your CTO's departure and replacement.

What if the CTO is hit by a truck and becomes incapacitated?

This is one of a company's Worst Case Scenarios. It's also (More...)

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