Insights and Opinions: When the Cloud Goes Poof...

Paul Resnikoff, publisher of the Digital Music News, which provides news, information, and analysis of the digital music industry, published this editorial Thursday, and gave us permission to reprint it here in our Insights and Opinions section.

Just think. Your entire collection in the sky, accessible from wherever, whenever, without the hassle of hard drives, synchronizations, or downloads.

Now, just think about what happens when it all goes away, without warning. Sure, inside the industry, the problems plaguing Imeem were well known. But for the fan? Abruptly, Imeem subscribers are being redirected to MySpace Music, and their cloud has suddenly gone dry. "This news is incredibly distressing,"one fan lamented in a C|Net comment thread. "I have 80 personal playlists (or had) on Imeem."

Others were also wondering why their collections went 'poof' overnight. "A warning would have been nice, that's all at the least, from loyal long-time users like you and me," another said.

So who to blame?

Read Paul's full article When the Cloud Goes Poof.


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