Insights and Opinions: Why You Should Give Before You Get

Story by Mark Suster


For today's Insights and Opinions section, where we share the wisdom and opinions from the local tech community, we feature a post by Mark Suster: Why You Should Give Before You Get. Mark is a frequent blogger, conference speaker, and thought leader in the technology industry, and a venture capitalist at GRP Partners.

I have a motto in business and life, “give before you get.”

It’s a philosophy, really.

And it applies to business relationships & networking as much as it does to remuneration in the workplace.

It seems we live in an era of “ask.”

I see it on Twitter. Lots of asking.

I see it on email even more. And in person in spades.

Everybody is in such a rush that they go for the “ask” too early.

Sometimes there is no other option – I get that. And sometimes I feel happy to help somebody even when we’re just getting to know each other. That happened yesterday with a nice lady who moved to LA last year.

But less as a complaint and more as advice to younger networkers, the more you invest in relationships the more you will get when you need.

The more you accomplish through hard work the more you will feel comfortable asking for more compensation at your job.

Give. Then Get. (Continued...)

Read the rest of Marks' article in Why You Should Give Before You Get.


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