Insights and Opinions: Choose Counsel Carefully

For today's Insights and Opinions article, we have a piece from Marc Averitt, a venture capitalist at Okapi Venture Capital, who talks about the importance of choosing counsel carefully.

Hi, my name is MarcÖ and Iím a recovering attorney. Well, maybe I should say ďreformedĒ instead. Actually, while I like to make jokes at my former professionís expense, a good number of my friends are attorneys (or ex-attorneys) and I am privileged to work closely enough with some of them on a weekly basis so please donít misconstrue any animosity here.

Iíve had the good fortune to work with some really great attorneys over the past fifteen or so years and would like to spend a few minutes explaining just how important they are to the VC ecosystem and, in particular, to entrepreneurs given the number of questions Iíve fielded of late as to whom to go to for legal service in OC. Rather than try to address each situation that I was presented with here, Iíll answer generally like any good (reformed) attorney and simply say it dependsÖand then provide you some general considerations when choosing an attorney.

First, I strongly believe that having one or more good attorneys in your corner can ... (Continued...)

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