Insights and Opinions: Entrepreneurship: What It's Really Like

What, really, is entrepreneurship like? For our Insights and Opinions article today, we have a frank and honest account of the brutal truth of being an entrepeneur from Mark Suster, frequent blogger, video podcast host, and venture capitalist who talks about all the stuff people never talk about on what it means to be an entrepreneur (and it's not all glory, conferences, and parties.) Mark gives the unvarnished truth in Entrepreneurship: What It's Really Like.

It's 4.50am. Sunday morning. And I couldn't sleep. I have much on my mind since I just returned from a week on the road. 5 days. 3 cities.

Late night Mexican food. Beers. Airports. Delays.

I left on a Sunday. I had to miss a full day with my family, camping in the mountains. I returned home Friday night at 10pm too late to see my kids.

I'm reminded of this feeling. It's all too familiar. It's what life was like as an entrepreneur. I didn't sleep much back then. I was on the road much and I internalized much of the stress so that others didn't have to.

And so it goes again. (More...)

Want to really know what being an entrepreneur is like? Mark tells all in Entrepreneurship: What It's Really Like.