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Insights and Opinions: Fake Press Releases: What Have We Learned?

Story by Michael Terpin


For our Insights and Opinions section this morning, we asked Michael Terpin, the founder of SocialRadius, to lend some hard-earned perspective on fake releases following the flap last week over a fake press release involving Google, ICOA, PRWeb, and half the Internet news and blogging sites. Michael has the rare experience of having to handle a similar crisis at Internet Wire (which eventually became Marketwire) twelve years ago.

Michael shares more at Fake Press Releases: What have we learned in the past twelve years?

August 25, 2000. That's a day that will forever be burned into my memory, right up there with the day I got married and other turning points in life. In this case, that was the day that I was running hot Internet startup Internet Wire, freshly funded by Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad, and my world turned upside down for a few weeks by what is still the best-known case of press release fraud, the so-called Emulex hoax.

Shortly before 7 am, I was jarred out of my early-morning, pre-coffee haze by a phone call from my COO to hear

Read the rest of Michael's perspective at Fake Press Releases: What have we learned in the past twelve years?





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