Insights and Opinions: Five by Five Considerations for Raising Capital

For today's Insights and Opinions section, where we feature contributions, opinions, and editorials from members of the Southern California technology community, we have an advice piece from venture capital veteran Jon Funk, who gives five things entrepreneurs ought to think about before raising capital. Funk- has plenty of experience on the other side of the table as a venture capitalist, having funded such successful SoCal firms as Sandpiper Networks, and Shopzilla.

In the 1986 movie Aliens, the tough female Marine spacecraft pilot delivers this evocative line to her platoon commander as the shuttle descends to the planet's surface: ...I read you five by five...we're in the pipe....

Five by five. Loud and clear.

My hometown of Santa Monica and the surrounding region have surged onto the national landscape in the past 12 months as a hotbed of startup activity. This is terrific news for the community.

And as might be expected, there is no shortage of advice, varying from blog postings to a seemingly limitless selection of events. For entrepreneurs, the volume and widely varying quality of available information can be overwhelming, not to mention difficult to sort out. (Continued...)

Read the rest of Jon's article, Five by Five: Considerations for Raising Capital.


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