Insights and Opinions: How to Start a Networking Group

For our Insights and Opinions section this morning, we have an article from Cliff Allen, founder of SureToMeet, on how to start a networking group. One of the most often asked questions we hear from professionals in the community, is how to best network with other people in the high tech industry. Cliff's answer: start your own networking group. Cliff writes:

Meeting people at networking events is a great way to grow your professional network of connections plus increase the frequency of visiting with people you already know.

People who share a common interest, problem, or profession benefit from spending face-to-face time with like-minded people.

You know networking is great however, there are times when you can't find a well-matched networking group near you that meets your needs.

Solve this networking dilemma when there's no networking group near you, start one.

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