Insights and Opinions: Storytelling and Startup Fundraising

Story by Steve Reich


You've got your elevator pitch, but how much are you really engaging potential investors? For our Insights and Opinions section this morning, Steve Reich tells why it's as important to tell the whole story of your startup to close the deal with investors.

Every startup has an elevator pitch, but what comes next? Do potential investors' eyes glaze over when you get beyond the quick, punchy one liner and try to REALLY describe your company? Successful fundraisers tell a complete, engaging story and close the deal.

Last week, the WSJ ran a great article on the value of college humanities courses, and used comments from a successful entrepreneur to make their case. I have to confess that I almost ignored the article, thinking that it was one more elaborate defense of worthless, expensive humanities departments that should be defunded in favor of more math, science, CS, and business classes. I was wrong, and the article was a good reminder that telling your company's full story is a critical element in raising capital. (More...)

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