Insights and Opinions: The 3 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Our Insights and Opinions article today comes from Ryan Born, who is CEO of both AudioMicro and Audioo, both Los Angeles area startups. Ryan gives us The 3 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website.

I'm often asked about how to get website traffic, users, and customers on the web. It's almost always in the context of another entrepreneur that starting a new web endeavor. I almost always give the same response from a high level perspective, there are only 3 ways to generate website traffic. You shouldn't even bother starting an internet company unless you have a reasonably good change at succeeding at one of these 3 methods. The 3 methods are so dead simple and obvious that this blog post will likely come across as pointless to anyone in the internet space. That being said, I'm still amazed at how often I have this conversation with folks both with semi-season internet players, VC's, and newbies. Without further adieu, here are the 3 ways to generate website traffic:

1. Organic Search learn how to show up in Google's free, organic search results. In short, there's really only a few things that will ever get you to appear (More...)

Read the rest of Ryan's advice in his article, The 3 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website.