Insights and Opinions: Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Why do entrepreneurs fail? That's the topic of today's Insights and Opinions article, from Christopher Grey, co-founder of CapLinked.

Are You Mark Zuckerberg, Colonel Sanders, or John DeLorean?

Nobody likes to talk about failure. Itís not fun or sexy. We live in a culture that worships success, no matter how you get there, and is disgusted by and afraid of failure, no matter what the reason. This is especially true of entrepreneurs. We live in age that believes in overnight success. The mythology of Mark Zuckerberg starting a business at nineteen, immediately succeeding, and becoming a billionaire by age twenty-five is now considered a template for millions of young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Of course it is a cruel myth for anyone to believe that kind of success can be replicated. People would actually have a greater chance of winning the lottery. Most entrepreneurs fail. (Continued...)

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