Insights and Opinions: What's In It For Me?

Story by Dave Berkus


This morning in our Insights and Opinions section, we're featuring another article from Dave Berkus, an early stage investor here who has been sharing his advice via both his blog,, as well as through a new book, BASIC BERKONOMICS. Today, Dave talks about how to think like your employees, shareholders, customers, and others:

If you want to best describe the motivation behind the action, think "What's in it for me"? Your employees, your shareholders, your customers, and your suppliers are all driven by this question. So why not put yourself in their shoes and develop your action plan and goals to help each of them to achieve theirs?

Employees want to be challenged, appreciated, and rewarded for good work. So create a plan for each that will accomplish these goals upon successful achievement of their tasks over time. Be bold enough to ask each during their periodic reviews to tell you what they want to achieve. Be a (Continued...)

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