Insights: Don't Worry, Your Email is No More Dangerous Today

Yesterday's big email privacy/hacking news was the hacking of a database of millions of emails at email marketing provider Epsilon. In response, James Siminoff, the CEO of Los Angeles-based, penned this article for our Insights and Opinions section, explaining why it doesn't really matter--because you were in trouble already.

In case you have not seen it yet Epsilon, one of the largest ESP (Email Service Providers), had their database of millions of emails hacked on March 30th. Some of their clients are big banks like Chase and tech companies like Tivo. Many people including myself had their email address and name compromised in this attack.

So the press is telling everyone effected that they should be very concerned about getting more phishing scams and spam. Here are 5 reasons why you should not be any more scared of your email box then you were on March 29th:

1. You Already were Compromised- Most of your email addresses are already in the hands of spammers and people that sell lists to marketers. You can check this by looking to see if you have any email in your spam folder, if you do then you are already “compromised”. This addition of knowing a name and...(More...)

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