Insights: In Sales or Marketing? Throw Out The Laundry List!

Story by Scott Thompson


In our Insights and Opinions section, we like to feature advice, opinions, and other information which might be of use to our readers. For today's contribution, we have Scott Thompson, an executive recruiter and avid blogger, who gives a little advice about managing that "to do" list for sales and marketers.

If you're a salester or marketer, you have to figure out what you're not doing.

Before reading past the follow question, give yourself up to 30 seconds to answer. Question: what are your priorities for this week? (30 seconds passes...)

OK, it doesn't much matter what your priorities are (how would I be able to judge anyway) but it does matter how many items you listed. I contend that unless this is an unusually busy week, your list should be 5 items or fewer. If you listed 3 or fewer, give yourself a pat on the back and an internal "A" on your report card.

Marketers and sales people too often treat their task list like a laundry list--a bunch of stuff you know needs to get done sometime. All of it gets approximately equal attention...just like both the old rag and your favorite golf shirt in your laundry basket. Huge mistake. (continued...)

Read the rest of Scott's post, In Sales or Marketing? Focus... and throw out the Laundry List!.


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