Insights: Why UBER Matters, A LOT

Story by Ivan Nikkhoo


For today's Insights and Opinions article, where we regularly share the thoughts and observations of Southern California's high tech movers and shakers, we have an article from Ivan Nikkhoo of Siemer & Associates.

"Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." - Milton Friedman

I was recently at the Le Web conference in Paris where Travis Kalanick, the Cofounder and CEO of Uber was one of the speakers. It is ironic that the idea for Uber was conceived in Paris, France, where free markets and capitalism are under tremendous pressure.

What makes Uber is an extraordinarily important company? In one word, freedom. Disintermediation is Internetís biggest gift. Uber is one of the best examples of how disintermediation can transform industries in which unions, lobbyists, regulation, and bureaucracy have created obstacles to progress, openness, and competitiveness. Which is (Continued...)

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