Internet Machines Sues Best Buy, EMC, Fusion-IO, Others

The firm which owns the patents of defunct PCI Express switching chip firm Internet Machines, which was based in Agoura Hills, has filed suit against a long list of defendants claiming patent infringement. Texas-based Internet Machines LLC, which appears to now own four of the patents filed by Internet Machines (later IMC Semiconductor), sued AvNet, ASUS, Best Buy, CDW, Concurrent Technologies, Cyclone Microsystems, EMC Corp. Extreme Engineering, Fusion-IO, GE Intelligent Platforms Embedded systems, Mercury Comptuer Systems, Mouser Electronics, National Instruments, Phoenics Electrics Corp, PLX Technology, Samsung, Vadatech, and Vrose Microsystems in the Texas Eastern District Court this week, according to court filings. In the filing, Internet Machines LLC has claimed patent infringement on its 7,454,552; 7,421,532; 7,814,259; and 7,945,722 patents, all of which cover aspects of the PCI Express memory bus standard. Internet Machines--which was later renamed IMC Semiconductor--had been backed by Exar Corporation, Meritech Capital, Morgan Stanley, Redpoint Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners, and was based in Agoura Hills. The Texas Eastern District Court is a favorite for patent lawsuits.


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