Interview with Richard Bergmann, CEO of Avexus

My interview today is with Richard Bergmann, CEO of San Diego-based Avexus, a startup in the logistics management area. I ran a quick interview with Richard to get an idea of what Avexus is up to.

BK: What market does the Avexus software address, and how does it benefit our customers?

RB: Avexus serves the aviation, defense, power generation and industrial manufacturing industries with lifecycle management solutions for complex assets. Avexus provides solutions and services to companies that own, operate, manufacture, supply, maintain, repair, and overhaul complex, high value assets. Avexus solutions facilitate all product lifecycle phases, including product build, operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul. The Avexus solution framework combines reporting, analytics, workflow, logic and data integration, enabling solutions that deliver improved visibility, process management, collaborative decision-making and profitability throughout the lifecycle of complex assets. Avexus helps customers ensure they get the maximum productivity from an asset by managing the cost of maintenance, spare parts and servicing, providing the best economic benefit.

BK: Why the need for Avexus -- don't companies already have in-house logistics management solutions to track these kinds of assets?

RB: In-house logistics systems track where an asset is, but do not provide the intelligence to manage the entire operational process. The Avexus Asset Management and Operations solution manages all of the relevant information and processes required to operate an asset. This includes managing the complex rules associated with when and how that asset needs to have maintenance activities performed. The business logic contained within the Avexus solution replaces many off-line processes that occur when companies rely on their legacy logistics infrastructure.

Additionally, in today's operating environment, the asset management requirements have expanded to include incorporating data and information from systems that are outside of a company's four walls. The Avexus solution is built on a technology platform that is well suited for application integration, unlike many of the legacy systems currently deployed across the industry.

BK: What's the history of Avexus?

RB: Avexus was founded in July 2000.

BK: Who are some of your clients, and how are they using your software?

RB: Avexus solutions have been selected by leading organizations, including ATK Thiokol, Dallas Airmotive, Goodrich, L-3 Avionics, Messier-Bugatti, Pemco Aeroplex, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy.

BK: I see you recently received a Series B round of funding. What are you using that funding for?

RB: The original Series B was completed December 2003. The funds were used for product development to expand the functionality of Avexus solutions.

BK: Who are your venture backers--I see Andy Bechtolsheim and Bill Joy are investors?

RB: Avexus' investors include innovators and influential leaders in technology and finance including Valence Capital Management, QTV, Wall Street Technology Partners, Red Rock Ventures and Palisades.

BK: Thanks for the short interview.


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