introNetworks Signs Virgin Galactic

Santa Barbara-based introNetworks, which develops social networking software for companies and community web sites, said last week that it has signed on Virgin Galactic as a customer. introNetworks said that it will build and launch a social network for Virgin Galactic, the commercial spaceflight operation of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Financial terms of the win were not disclosed. introNetworks said that its deployment for Virgin Galactic will allow future astronauts to engage with each other, and identify common interests. The site will be available for paying customers of Virgin Galactic, who pay $200,000 for a ticket to space on firm's vehicles, which are based on the SpaceShipOne suborbital vehicle. SpaceShipOne was the winner of the Ansari X-Prize, as the first commercial vehicle to go into space. introNetworks is venture funded by Adobe.