Ixia Rolls Lease Financing Program

Calabasas-based network test equipment provider Ixia said Thursday that the company has rolled out a new, long-term leasing option for its customers, as it looks to enable its customers to finance purchase of its equipment. According to Ixia, the new lease program comes as part of a new partnership with a leasing provider, De Lange Landen (DLL), which is based in the Netherlands. Ixia said its program, which will be marketed under the IxFinancing name, will provide "competitive" leasing rates to its customers and up to $5M in financing. The first customer of the lease program is Chelsio Communications, a Silicon Valley-based developer of 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Leasing is fairly standard in the hardware business, however, customers have traditionally arranged their own leasing with lease providers or their bankers.