j2 Global Gobbles Up Nine More Companies

Los Angeles-based Internet services operator J2 Global has gobbled up nine more companies, the company announced this morning, across five different countries. J2 Global--which has had a ravenous appetite for small Internet-based businesses--said it acquired LiveVault (USA), Axiatel (France), Salesify (USA), VDW (Netherlands), Online Backup Vault (USA), Popfax (France), DSA Technologies (USA), Network Telsys (Canada), and Comtech (Norway). J2 did not disclose the individual prices it paid for all of those companies, but it did say it has spent approximately $265M in acquiring twenty acquisitions since the beginning of 2015. As a apart of the announcement J2 Global said it is raising the upper end of its fiscal 2015 financial estimates, and now expects to have revenues of between $690 and $724M for the year. J2 Global now has a massive span of Internet businesses, offering up everything from Internet fax and cloud email services to online backup, not to mention operating online publications like,, and, along with Ziff Davis.