j2 Global Revenues Rise To $211.8M In Q2

Los Angeles-based J2 Global said on Wednesday that its revenues increased to $211.8M in Q2, up 20.3 percent from last year, as its continues to have a significant piggyback of cash and investments for its acquisitions. The company--which says it ended the quarter with $407.2M in cash and investments--said it now expects its revenues to be between $830 and $860 million in its fiscal 2016. j2 Global has been quietly become one of Southern California's largest companies in the technology sector, with a huge number of both cloud and digital media businesses under its umbrella. The company owns everything from Internet cloud storage, fax, email and other services such as eFax, FuseMail, and Onebox, to such publishers as Ziff Davis, and Internet properties,,, and many others.