j2 Global Communications Sues OneSuite

Los Angeles-based j2 Global Communications has filed a lawsuit against competitor OneSuite, which is also based in Los Angeles, according to a filing by the firm in the California Central District Court. The patent lawsuit, case number 2:2009cv04014, is over infringement of j2's patent involving sending and receiving messages using the Internet and/or telephone systems, according to j2's Vice President and General Counsel, Jeffrey D. Adelman. Adelman, in response to an inquiry by this publication, said that the lawsuit is a part of its efforts to enforce the firm's intellectual property rights. Adelman explained that the firm will "will continue to seek licenses or sue those using our technology without our permission." OneSuite is a provider of prepaid long distance, FAX, and other telecommunications services. j2 Global Communications, which also provides FAX and other telecom services, has a number of other, similar patent lawsuits in progress against such firms as Protus, Venali, and others.