Kaleio Launches Professional Workforce Networking Service

Over the last few years, the various social networking services out there have started to carve out a better definition of their userbase. For example, Facebook (mostly) being for friends and social acqaintances, and LinkedIn (mostly) for work related contacts. However, on the work side, LinkedIn isn't for everyone, according to a new, Irvine-based startup, Kaleio.

According to Kaleio, its service is targeted at users who are not in the "C-Suite" and don't see LinkedIn as a place to network professionally, and has created its own platform aimed at folks like auto mechanics, nurses, construction workers, teachers, restaurant managers, and others. The startup, led by Jim Riley, said today that it has officially launched its free networking platform for the "other" workforce communities who don't have a place to connect with their peers professionally.

The service offers up everything from allowing users to create their own profiles; to post and answer questions; send messages to others; post jobs; list events; and much more.