Kurion Wins $10M Grant

Irvine-based hazardous waste removal technology developer Kurion said this morning that it has won a $10 million grant from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), as part of a demonstration of technology for removal of tritium from Fukushima. Kurion said the grant, for one billion Japanese Yen, will go towards demonstrating the company's tritium removal technology for possible deployment at the Fukushima nuclear power site. Kurion has been deeply involved in the cleanup at Fukushima since 2011, immediately following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated that power plant. Kurion said its project is one of three being evaluated for use at Fukushima, and was selected from a field of 182 submissions. Kurion is venture backed by Lux Capital, Firelake Capital Management and Acadia Woods Partners.


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