LA's Ninjathat Exits Philly's Dreamit Ventures

One of the most recently graduates of the DreamIt Ventures accelerator in Philadelphia--which is holding its Demo Day today--is none other than Los Angeles company NinjaThat. The startup operates an online marketplace that allows businesses and individuals to hire students "on-demand" to accomplish tasks for them. The startup, headed by Atif Siddiqi, said the company came out of a desire to help recent graduates, and to help them build an "employment graph" so they can leave college with more experience, better jobs, higher wages, and more opportunities. The company's service revolves around "missions", which can be posted by anyone, ranging from things such as delivering packages, doing marketing tasks, or anything else; and bids by "ninjas" to complete those missions. The company then handles all the payment and reimbursements from that mission. Ninjathat is one of fifteen companies at Dreamit's demo day today. DreamIt--like many of LA's own accelerators--operates a three month program which provides mentorship, seed financing, and office space to promising startups. Ninjathat is headed back to Los Angeles after today's demo day, according to Siddiqi.