LA Startup Looks To Make QR Codes A Fashion Statement

Tired of handing out your business card at local networking events? A Los Angeles startup has just launched a new Kickstarter project, aimed to make your necktie double as a business card--using the ubiquitous QR code. QRtie launched its Kickstarter project on Monday, looking to raise $40,000 for its ties, which feature a QR code sewn into the back of the tie. The company's QR codes are tied into its website, where users can re-direct users who scan the QR code to the website of their choice. The startup's campaign features a video of a male model mostly just wearing just the company's QR tie, walking shirtless in public. QR codes have been a popular theme for local startups, who have tried everything from using QR codes to order local takeout, for tracking lost electronic items, and for marketing concerts. QR codes are actually fairly easy to create, with dozens and dozens of services letting users create and print out their own QR codes.