Latest LA Hackathon Centers Around Pets

In the last year, Los Angeles has become a favorite location for conducting "hackathons"--those challenges which encourage developers to create new applications and products around different themes. The latest? A hackathon focused on pets. The Petcentric Hackathon, which is being held on the Amplify campus in Venice, said Thursday that it will offer up a top prize of $3,000 to the top team which comes up with the top ideas and products that help people engage with their pets. In a unique first, the hackathon has invited a new segment of the tech population: those pets themselves, saying that pets are welcome to the event, being held Saturday, November 17th. The last few months have seen a Movie Hackathon (held at ZEFR); a car buying hackathon (at; a no-texting-while-driving hackathon (at Coloft); and a Silicon Beach hackathon (at the last Silicon Beach fest).