LAX Next On Plate For Silvercar's Car Rental Service

Los Angeles looks to be the hub of car-related, smartphone-driven car services. The latest, next generation company to launch into the city looks to be Silvercar, a startup which offers up premium car rental services all driven by smartphone. According to Silvercar, which is based in Texas, it is launching into LAX on November 4th, to bring its rental car service to the "city of exclusive parties, velvet ropes, beautiful people, and lines out the door." The startup--backed by Austin Ventures, CrunchFund, SV Angel, Chris Dixon, and Dave Morin--offers up Audi A4's as rental cars, fully outfitted with in-car navigation systems, built-in Wi-Fi, satellite radio, and other perks.

The company joins Hubber as the second, rental-car related startup to serve Los Angeles International. Los Angeles seems to have become somewhat of a hub for the launch of smartphone driven, car-related services: the city also has been the location of launches for such services as Lyft, Sidecar, Uber, Flywheel, and even an airplane rental service called OpenAirplane.