LEHR Extending Into Boat Motors

Los Angeles-based LEHR, the startup developing environmentally friendly, propane-powered lawn and garden trimmers and other products, is branching out into the boat industry, with a new propane-powered boat motor. LEHR's new engines, which have been making the rounds of trade show for the last few months, use propane--instead of gasoline--as an alternative fuel. LEHR is known for its propane-powered lawn trimmers, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers, which use those standard green propane tanks--typically used for lanterns and camping stoves--instead of gasoline for power. The move towards boat engines is a natural one for the firm's founder, Capt. Bernardo Herzer, who first gained experience in using propane as a fuel in his work converting boat engines to use propane. LEHR's new line of propane-powere boat motors use those same, green canisters--or a full propane tank--for power.


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