LeisureLink Suspends Service, Stops Accepting Reservations

LeisureLink, which develops vacation travel booking software and technology, and was started in the Los Angeles area, appears to have halted its service, telling its partners on Friday that it has suspended accepting new reservations as well as modifying existing reservations. The company--which is still backed by a number of Southern California investors, including the Tech Coast Angels--had merged with back in 2013, and moved its headquarters to Utah. Emails and phone calls to the company have not yet been returned. LeisureLink was founded in Pasadena sometime before 2004. LeisureLink sold its consumer suite of businesses--including VacationRoost,,, and to last month; those properties--which are now part of not affected by the reservation issues at LeisureLink. LeisureLink told its partners in am email, "We've been working aggressively to complete a corporate transaction. Regardless of what you may have heard we are still in that process and anticipate a positive outcome."