Leonardo DiCaprio Backs Fisker Automotive, Ties On Sustainability Efforts

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Irvine-based electric autombile maker Fisker Automotive revealed this week that the actor is an equity investor in the company, and is also linking with the firm to help promote "Global Sustainability." According to the two, DiCaprio will work with the auto manufacturer to help advance sustainable, responsible vehicles, including working on marketing and promotional initiatives. The two also said that Fisker will help support the work of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an effort started by DeCaprio in 1998 to help promote a sustainable future for the planet. Neither DiCaprio or Fisker detailed when the actor became an investor in Fisker; DeCaprio is one of the highest profile celebrities to drive the Fisker Karma, and according to Fisker was the first person to receive a Fisker Karma luxury electric vehicle with range extender, back in July of 2011.