Likeabilitee Helps Identify Users' Most Popular Facebook Posts

Did you ever wish you had a more visual, easy to use way to identify which of your social media posts on Facebook are getting the most interest from your friends and others? A new service, Likeabilitee, is looking to do just that, by plotting your social media activity against an easy to use, visual interface. The new service--created by by Mark Sylvester, the founder of IntroNetworks--is in private beta. The service provides a visual tool which allows users to see which one of their social media posts--updates, photos, videos, and more--have seen the most replies and comments. Sylvester's firm, introNetworks, is known for its easy to use, visual tools for helping companies and others match up people with similar interests. The new tool takes each piece of content posted by users on Facebook, and calculates a score, figuring out what is most liked by users--in a way you can parse by hour, day, week, month, or year. Sylvester says the service is currently expanding out its Private Beta of the service to a wider audience.